Why Choose Invotek Energy

INVOTEK ENERGY is a company of the most creative and professional solution providers, working together for positive impact on customers, our communities, and the world. We offer long–term adventure and daily rewards – and the opportunity to carve out a vibrant career path. We both expect and nurture leadership in every employee as we challenge each other to be the best. Our collective concern for the world around us drives us to put our expertise and imagination to work to create a better future. 

Our commitments include:

  • Protecting the planet through responsible operations, unique collaborations, and the pursuit of breakthrough technologies aimed at solving world challenges.
  • A workplace that thrives on employee development, proactive career feedback, health and wellness offerings, flexible work policies, diversity and inclusion, recognition and employee engagement.
  • A creative, dynamic and friendly work environment that values diverse perspectives, is mutually respectful, and benefits from the vision and mentoring of leaders who rank among the best in the industry.

You can dream those big dreams and take those bold steps at INVOTEK ENERGY. Our global scale and breadth offer the flexibility to seek multiple careers within one company. We deeply value, reward, and recognize excellence at all levels.

Top Tier Compensation

You believe in delivering your very best on the job every day and you want to be compensated accordingly for your performance. We share your work ethic and believe that compensation should be tied to your performance and the overall success of the company. This is why INVOTEK ENERGY has established a pay-for-performance compensation approach that rewards you according to your contributions. We also believe top talent at INVOTEK ENERGY should earn top tier compensation. INVOTEK ENERGY consistently ranks among top paying employers in each market where we operate.

Comprehensive Benefits

INVOTEK ENERGY offers attractive benefits packages which typically include the following:

  • retirement plans
  • health insurance
  • life insurance
  • disability coverage
  • business travel insurance
  • generous vacation and holidays

While benefits vary by country, our programs rank among those offered by top multinational companies doing business in the places where we operate.

Learning and Development

Development of our diverse workforce is a key pillar of INVOTEK ENERGY's People Vision of having "the world’s best people, working together to make a difference." INVOTEK ENERGY's employee development model reflects a cycle of continuous learning embedded in everyday work, workplace relationships and structured learning.

Development is a priority in INVOTEK ENERGY' ever-evolving work environment, where our performance culture comes to life as INVOTEK ENERGY employees continually apply the skills necessary for INVOTEK ENERGY to win in the global marketplace. Simply put, we invest in our employees to keep them at the forefront of their respective fields. Opportunities range from daily on-the-job learning, participation in global cross-functional project teams, mentoring, classroom training, online learning, and participation in employee networks.

Work Environment & Culture

At INVOTEK ENERGY, we believe that each employee can make a difference. And can make it here. Opportunity is the operative word. We look for candidates who thrive in a collaborative environment.

INVOTEK ENERGY believed that one should always try to do things better. His commitment to improving methods and products and never settling for the status quo shaped more than 117 years of discovery and innovation at INVOTEK ENERGY. We encourage INVOTEK ENERGY employees to constantly ask “what if?” or “why not?”

Committed to Ethical Conduct

At INVOTEK ENERGY, we measure success not only by the results we achieve, but by how we achieve them. We expect all INVOTEK ENERGY people to abide by our Code of Business Conduct which sets out INVOTEK ENERGY’s principles on how we conduct business around the globe.

In addition, our Office of Global Ethics and Compliance provides oversight to maintain ethical conduct across the company.

Enabling Work-Life Effectiveness

We recognize the many demands on INVOTEK ENERGY people’s time – in the workplace, at home and in the community.

We have practices, including providing guidelines and training to help INVOTEK ENERGY people create and maintain flexible work arrangements. Our approach to creating work-life effectiveness is supporting our people’s professional and personal goals as well as INVOTEK ENERGY’s business objectives.

Driving Sustainable Development

At INVOTEK ENERGY, sustainability is about our relationship with the world and our contribution to solving its many challenges. We set the bar high, measure our progress regularly and rigorously, and widely report our results. We call this fearless accountability which is reflected in our aggressive 2015 Sustainability Goals - a set of visionary targets we established to keep us on the right path toward solving human problems.

  • Protecting Human Health & Safety
  • Contributing to Community Success