Products & Services

INVOTEK ENERGY Group specializes in the supply of different power equipment, its own production of low-voltage panel equipment, monitoring systems, automated process control systems (ACS) and inspection equipment.

Our manufacturing complex (JSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD») delivers:

  • superpower transformers (up to 630 MVA) for the electric networks of 35 – 750 kV and electric stations, systems of power supply for great manufacturing enterprises and settlements;
  • shunt, current-limiting, earthing, filter and other types of reactors for transmission lines and AC electric networks with voltage up to 1150 kV, DC power transmissions (links) to be used in manufacturing industry (electric drives of rolling mills, converting rectifying units etc.);
  • instrument transformers of 3 – 750 kV;
  • oil-filled and dry transformers for distribution urban and industrial networks of 6 – 35 kV with power up to 63000 kVA, converting transformers for city transport tracking substations;
  • special transformers for supply mains voltage from 0.22 to 220 kV for feeding the electric furnaces in metallurgy (arcing, induction, electroslag, thermal) and in electrochemistry, for industrial electrothermics;
  • transformers with voltage up to 660 V (up to 1000 kVA) for various applications (for electric power systems of surface and submarine vessels, boats, rolling-stocks and underground system; excavating, intended for machining equipment and electric tools power supply, drive circuits, signaling, automatic and lighting equipment, etc.) including those seismic, fire and humid extra-resistant.

Such extended nomenclature of transformer and reactor equipment supplied is peculiar for JSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD». Other Russian manufacturers of similar equipment specialize just in some part of the above equipment types or in capacity and voltage smaller scales.