Reconstruction & modernization

Nowadays, in order to create and maintain energy-efficient, safe, durable, and aesthetically beautiful buildings, structures, and constructions, unique technologies and innovations are extremely needed.

As an integrated solutions provider for the engineering, construction and infrastructure industries, INVOTEK ENERGY solves every single customers’ challenge met in the supply chain processes – energy efficiency, humidity control, rising energy costs, system wear, environmental responsibility, and others.

INVOTEK ENERGY products of all voltage classes are designed for use in moderately severe operating conditions in respect of temperature and any other external aggressivity. They are thoroughly tested to meet the requirements of all involved industries and ensure maximum safety, reliability and continuity.

Day by day INVOTEK ENERGY is successfully confirming its reputation as a reliable and long-term partner, having the necessary experience and competences in the fields of equipment production and supply, different implementation services, facilities reconstruction and modernization.