Transformer & reactor equipment 110 - 750 kV



INVOTEK ENERGY is the official distributor of Joint Stock Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD".


We offer the full range of integrated transformer & reactor equipment and switching equipment supply services of all voltages and capacities. To fulfill the most specific clients’ tasks our technical specialists help to choose the most suitable 110 – 750 kV equipment from over 3500 type versions produced by JSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD». 

INVOTEK ENERGY provides selection, transportation, installation, diagnostics and repair of high-voltage electrical equipment on the basis of its own specialized Service centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Based on the capabilities of JSHC "ELEKTROZAVOD", the group participates in the installation of supplied equipment, diagnostics and maintenance of the operating transformer and reactor fleet at power facilities. INVOTEK ENERGY carries out design, construction and complex equipment of power facilities as well as implementation of turnkey projects. The company can equip power projects by 80% with its own products and, at customer’s will, with equipment of the leading domestic and overseas manufactures.

Joint Stock Holding Company «ELEKTROZAVOD» (JSHС «ELEKTROZAVOD») is known as the leading Russian and world-wide manufacturer of various transformer equipment being supplied for all industries including electric-power industry, metallurgy, machine building, transport, oil and gas complex, housing and utilities infrastructure. The first Russian transformer plant which had been founded in 1928 played a decuman role in industrialization of the country and development of domestic power industry. The equipment with ELEKTROZAVOD label is in safe operation in more than 60 countries of the world. «ELEKTROZAVOD» has won acclaimed government awards, and has made such a positive impact on the country that one of Moscow's metro stations was named after it: «Elektrozovodskaya». Holding Company comprises four electrotechnical plants which are specialized in manufacture of transformers and electrical reactors for various applications and switching equipment.